Founded in 2007, the Hi-Tec company TEC Microsystems GmbH is based in the prominent Technology Park Berlin Adlershof, Germany. Thermoelectric technologies are our core competence based on almost a decade of analysis, innovative development, product design and numerous successful projects in this field. Specialized in miniature thermoelectric modules (Peltier elements), TEC Microsystems GmbH is a driver of innovation and technological progress including state-of-the-art analysis techniques. Our worldwide customers operate in key industries like opto-electronics, telecom, micro-electronics, space, medical equipment/health care, security systems, small scale energy harvesting and fundamental research.



TEC Microsystems GmbH is focused on miniature thermoelectric modules developments and manufacturing  technologies. Our key advantages are in practical implementation of technologies and know-how in real manufacturing processes. Since 2007 our company has been providing key engineering services for thermoelectric  modules estimations, development, manufacturing setup, optimization and quality control.

Glass-to-metal sealed packages, hybrid packages
Thermoelectric Material Analysis - services and instruments
Thermoelectric Modules Performance Analysis - services and instruments


Thermoelectric modules perfarmance estimations and mathemathical modelling
Thermoelectric Heatflux Sensors
Thermoelectric Generators Manufacturing Technologies
Thermoelectric Modules Manufacturing Technologies


Z-Meters - devices for TE Coolers express quality control and performance testing
Special laboratory equipment for deep analysis of thermoelectric coolers and materials

TEC Microsystems GmbH develops and provides wide range of equipment for optimal and efficient work with thermoelectric modules - programmable TEC Controllers (Peltier controllers) with PID regulating and PID Auto-Tune, Z-Meters (TEC quality and performance testers) and special R&D systems for TE modules deep analysis and scientific research. Instruments customization and special systems developments are available.

TEC Microsystems GmbH R&D laboratory in Berlin provides various analysis and R&D services in thermoelectric applications: TE Coolers and Generators actual perfomance analysis, reliability testing, bulk thermoelectric materials analysis and parameters measuring, TEM comparison testing, manufacturing and integrating technologies review, improvements and optimizations.