TEC Microsystems - Miniature Thermoelectric Coolers and Sub-Assemblies

The metallization of ceramics is an integral part of the production of miniature thermoelectric modules. The metallization is applied on ceramics to create the internal junctions between BiTe posts and form the P-N couples inside TEC.  Thermoelectric coolers are ordinary in laser and optoelectronics industries.  There is a ceramics substrate with the end customer electronic components (like LD chip or APD array) for mounting on the TEC cold side in many such applications. Once TEC already has the ceramics plates, the solution with direct mounting on TEC ceramics simplifies the construction, skips at least one unnecessary mounting step with thermal resistance, and helps to increase the precision and speed of temperature regulations using a thermoelectric cooler.  TEC Microsystems GmbH provides a service with customized Au patterns development and integration on TEC ceramics.  Any thermoelectric cooler from our range can be modified and upgraded with a customized Au pattern basing on customer requirements.  Customized Au patterns are available on separate ceramics substrates as well.

1MA10 Aluminium Thermoelectric Coolers

TEC Microsystems uses modern technologies and equipment for metallization on ceramics. Customized Au patterns are created by a thin-film process with magnetron sputtering and further laser processing. The shape and complexity of the Au pattern can be anything as long as the "3x100um" rule is satisfied. There is a 100um min pullback from the ceramics edge, a minimum 100um width for the Au plated area, and a minimum 100um distance between Au plated areas. Au pattern can be applied to one or both sides of the ceramic substrate. In multistage thermoelectric coolers Au patterns can be created on any TEC stage, where the space is available.  Au plated surface of the pattern is universal in terms of further mounting. It is suitable for wire bonding (WB), soldering and gluing processes.



◻︎ Magnetron sputtering and laser processing

◻ Dimensions from 1.0x1.0mm2 up to 30x30mm2

◻ Implementation on Al2O3 or AlN ceramics

◻ Any shape and complexity of the pattern

◻ Simple design rule  "3x100um"

◻ Applicable for any TEC type from our range

◻ Min 100um gap from ceramics edge

◻ Min 100um width of Au plated zone

◻ Min 100um distance between Au plated zones

◻ One conductive layer per side only

◻ Two-sides metallization is possible

◻ VIAS in ceramics are possible

Au pattern can be developed and provided on a separate ceramics substrate if required.  Al2O3 and AlN ceramics is available.  Standard thicknesses 1.0mm, 0.5mm and 0.25mm.  Advanced ultra-thin AlN substrates 0.15mm are available with some dimensional limits.

The shape of ceramics substrate or TEC ceramics can be adjusted with basically no limits except max dimensions 30x30mm2.

Au pattern can be developed and integrated onto any thermoelectric cooler from the TEC Microsystems range. Au pattern can be designed together with a customized TEC creating. Single-side or both-side metallization is possible. Vias in ceramics can make the terminal connection between sides.