TEC Microsystems - Miniature Thermoelectric Coolers and Sub-Assemblies

Our Lab is equipped with specially designed devices for testing of thermoelectric material.

The unique equipment is developed for laboratory testing of thermoelectric (TE) properties of the n/p-type bulk material based on Bi2Te3 - in ingots and pellets.

These properties are the Seebeck coefficient 𝜶, electrical conductivity 𝜹 , figure-of- merit Z, thermal conductivity 𝜅 (the latter is calculated).

The measurement process is automated with a given temperature interval. In a measuring point the steady state temperature is achieved. Multiple samples are tested simultaneously. Data telemetry output, data processing, results storage are enabled. Corrections for heat exchange along leading wires are calculated.

The tests allow applying the results to the most complete quality control of TE material and to the mathematical simulation of TE modules.

TEC Microsystems provides detailed analysis of bulk thermoelectric material in pellets or ingots by request. Please contact us for more details and service conditions.